Educational work

14th DAY dance group organises as its standard policy annual workshops and specialised seminars, bringing new directions to dance teaching. Maria Aggelou, who has been teaching dance on a standard basis for the past 15 years, has created through her own methodological approach a way of teaching addressing those who wish to fathom the meaning and the principle of movement. This approach allows every person, regardless of age or previous experience, to systematically be guided, step by step, into a deep understanding and obtaining of control. The approach aims at achieving a fully conscious movement, the beginning of artistic creation, using the conscious movement, the use of pictures, a continuous re-examining of this living organism and carrier of experiences. Therefore, the lessons' attendants comprise individuals working in performing arts, but who may also flow in from beyond the borders of this specialised milieu.

The group's educational project is also conditioned by social sensitivity and an intention to intervene with the modern social-artistic reality. Being fully conscious of the difficult accessibility of dance theatre by vulnerable population groups, 14th DAY has developed educational - artistic programs that promote information, cooperation and active participation with socially excluded youth (YOUTH program, General Secretariat for Youth). For the period December 2006 - October 2007 14th DAY is realizing a pilot art project with people with sight problems under the title: KINAISTHISIS: Contemporary Dance for All with the support of General Secretariat for Youth

The aim of our broader educational work is to create opportunities for various population categories to make use of the complete development of dance' s expressive and therapeutic possibilities, decontrolling the limitations posed by the "closed" art approach.